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Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Tue May 13 21:21:59 UTC 2014

Hi, Josh.

Might I suggest organizing a discussion about Noisebridge's vision and 
identity sometime in the space?

The mailing list is really quite terrible for these kinds of things :)

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014 13:50:19 Josh Juran wrote:
> On May 13, 2014, at 12:46 PM, Naomi Most <pnaomi at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> I truly believe that the space began to seriously unravel when the
> >> community erected associate membership rules, access policies and
> >> bureaucratic harassment doctrines as a substitute for true excellence.> 
> > Me too.
> I would have disagreed if instead of "when" you'd written "because". 
> Associate membership, members' hours, and even the entry keypad were
> reactions to Noisebridge being occupied by people whose presence materially
> reduced its utility and subjectively but palpably detracted from its
> ambiance.  I suspect that, if we had attempted no corrective action, the
> space would have begun to unravel in any case.  I'm asserting that the
> access policies were not the cause of the unraveling, but an effect of it.
> I think our biggest fault lay in failing to respond promptly and decisively.
>  Instead of unifying as a community to face an unprecedented threat, we
> lapsed into bickering and infighting.  I don't see the disagreements as
> being interpersonal so much as between competing ideologies, e.g.
> lock-down-the-space pragmatism vs. locks-only-encourage-breakins idealism. 
> Although passive-aggressive vigilante sabotage masquerading as do-ocracy
> didn't do us any favors.
> There's no going back.  Noisebridge needs to say who and what it is now, in
> a way that communicates to the people who will be a part of it.
> Josh
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