[Noisebridge-discuss] Maker-Faire People (Visit?)

Andrew Forrester awforrester at gmail.com
Fri May 16 02:23:57 UTC 2014

 Hi I'm Andrew Forrester, a member of HexLab Makerspace in LA, etc.

As I said in the Announce email-list, there's gonna be lots of people from
out-of-the-area at the Maker Faire this weekend.  I'm sure some of them
(including me!) would like to visit Noisebridge, check it out, and hang out
with the cool people there.  I'd like to discuss opportune times to meet
up, if anyone's up for it.

The hours of the Faire are 10am-8pm (Sat) and 10am-6pm (Sun).  And driving
from the Faire to NB may take about half an hour (correct?).  Add to that
the time it takes to exit the Faire and parking areas.  I'd imagine it
would be most convenient for most people to meet up on Sat night (9pm and
later), but I could do other times too, like Sun evening/night or even Mon

If people can hang out, it might be nice to post a note on the NB website
home page (and/or the NB Maker Faire 2014 wiki page) letting people know
they can meet up too.  If people can't hang out, then at least I'll be able
to check out the NB booth and hang with some people there!

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