[Noisebridge-discuss] Fundraiser Cancelled Due To Harassment

Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Fri May 16 20:33:35 UTC 2014

I'm cancelling the NB fundraiser and Noise Orchestra concert I've been 
planning because i've been harassed and abused for months, online and by 

Details below. Feel free to stop reading here.

     -The Fundraiser announcement i put on the Events page got repeatedly 
vandalized for about a week. I would fix it, then it got re-trolled, 
repeatedly. So i deleted it.

     -When i requested wiki admins block anonymous edits to the NB events 
page, Jeffrey Carl Faden stated that would be "against Noisebridge 
principles". I asked him, "WHICH Noisebridge principle says protecting 
anonymous vandals is more important than protecting Noisebridge 
projects?" He did not respond.

     -The same thing happened to an annoucement i posted about an 
equipment donation from Inventables.com (worth over $600). So i deleted 
that announcement too, and did not attempt to promote the event. As a 
result, the Inventables folks, who brought 6 pizzas, 3 cases of beer, 
and a CNC mill to donate to Noisebridge, got barely any turnout (well, a 
lot of non-hacking squatters were happy to eat the pizza).

     -Somebody, posted my phone number, real name, gibberish, and 
pornographic verbiage on my noisebridge wiki page. (cached copy) 

     -Wiki admins ignored my requests to delete the offending stuff, and 
would not give me access to delete it myself.

     -Jeffrey Carl said he blocked the offending IP. But as a web dev, he 
would know it's easy for a troll to get a new IP, so he would know that 
won't stop the vandals.

     -Jeffrey Carl informed me there's no option to delete the trolled 
versions of my userpage. Oddly, Wikimedia documentation tells how to do 

     -From Slack:

         teratoma: @jeffreyatw good job immortalizing johnny's info 
forever on the wiki.
         jeffreyatw: haha. i noticed i did that. whatever it’s available 
in a bunch of other places too.

     Not sure what that means.

     -Somebody advertised "Johny Radio" selling non-existent hockey 
tickets on craigslist, with my phone number. i was bombarded with phone 
calls from people wanting the tickets.

     -Countless anonymous prank phone calls all times of day and night.

     -Somebody tried (unsuccessfully) to get into my LogMeIn account, 
which might have given them access to my personal computer, or my 
clients' computers.

     -Impersonated on Discuss with an abusive post.

My feet are turning away from noisebridge. Apparently, that's someone's 
intention. Okie-dokie.

-johny radio

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