[Noisebridge-discuss] Security Working Group (SecWG) meeting this Tuesday at 6pm

Jeffrey Carl Faden jeffreyatw at gmail.com
Mon May 19 22:16:19 UTC 2014

Hello! Sorry for the short notice, but we're planning another in-person
meeting of the Security Working Group tomorrow at 6pm, right before the
Noisebridge weekly meeting.

Topics will probably include:

* Getting an RFID reader installed on the NB door lock (i.e. not the gate,
the door at the top of the stairs).
* What to do about the elevator, which is currently a "backdoor" to our
physical security. Suggestions include building new walls around that area
(labor-intensive but doable) and hacking the elevator itself (has social
capital issues b/c we'd have to convince the landlord).
* Should we install more lockers?
* (or) should we put up far more solid structure around the Member Shelves
and then install an RFID (or other) lock there?
* any new discussion topics pertaining to threat modeling based on known
Problems that NB regularly has.

We'll gather at 6pm in the lobby/hackitorium and move somewhere else if
necessary. We'll be setting up Mumble for those who want to attend
remotely. To make sure you're notified when it's time to attend remotely,
please join #security-wg on http://noisebridge.slack.com (ask for an invite
if you have not been invited - if all else fails, head to #noisebridge on

(Apologies if I've left anything out - if Naomi or anyone else would like
to add anything, please feel free.)

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