[Noisebridge-discuss] Security Working Group (SecWG) meeting this Tuesday at 6pm

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Tue May 20 04:49:25 UTC 2014

On Monday, May 19, 2014 15:16:19 Jeffrey Carl Faden wrote:
> Hello! Sorry for the short notice, but we're planning another in-person
> meeting of the Security Working Group tomorrow at 6pm, right before the
> Noisebridge weekly meeting.

I plan on being there, Jeffrey. Thanks for organizing this :)

> Topics will probably include:
> * Getting an RFID reader installed on the NB door lock (i.e. not the gate,
> the door at the top of the stairs).
> * What to do about the elevator, which is currently a "backdoor" to our
> physical security. Suggestions include building new walls around that area
> (labor-intensive but doable) and hacking the elevator itself (has social
> capital issues b/c we'd have to convince the landlord).
> * Should we install more lockers?
> * (or) should we put up far more solid structure around the Member Shelves
> and then install an RFID (or other) lock there?
> * any new discussion topics pertaining to threat modeling based on known
> Problems that NB regularly has.
> We'll gather at 6pm in the lobby/hackitorium and move somewhere else if
> necessary. We'll be setting up Mumble for those who want to attend
> remotely. To make sure you're notified when it's time to attend remotely,
> please join #security-wg on http://noisebridge.slack.com (ask for an invite
> if you have not been invited - if all else fails, head to #noisebridge on
> Freenode).
> (Apologies if I've left anything out - if Naomi or anyone else would like
> to add anything, please feel free.)
> Jeffrey
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