[Noisebridge-discuss] on allowing anonymous editing on the wiki

Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Tue May 20 16:46:18 UTC 2014

From: "Naomi Most" <pnaomi at gmail.com>

>I don't have time for back-and-forth about this.
sorry if you don't have time for discussion. I thought that was the 
purpose of these channels.

>If you don't agree that this article makes intuitive sense w.r.t. the 
>problems that Noisebridge encounters, then that's feedback enough for 

i did not say i don't agree. i asked you to refer to something specific 
in an article that you referenced on Slack. Wrt solving problems, I'm 
into precise analysis, not intuitive sense. You comment about the 
article seems to be "gee, this feels like Noisebridge" and that's where 
it ends for you. How is that useful for solving problems?

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