[Noisebridge-discuss] i give up

Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Wed May 21 16:32:04 UTC 2014

Uh, Please DO NOT give up~ You're one of the people who has tangible
results as evidenced by "making things" for others to *LEARN* with!  Let's
be brutally honest for a moment-  Hackerfolks are inherently not going to
be boringly conformist in approaches to .. well..."anything,  inclusive of
Group Dynamics.  Inclusive is what it is unless it's  misused to be Falsely
So. Include Excellent- Exclude Un-Excellent, eh?   Be Inclusive of

And yeah, I used that other  "I" word= Inclusive- as a planned segue intro
for the oft UNDERused reminder that there Ain't no I in Group! Egos and
*honorable*Egoboo for Things Well Done are Rather distinctly divergent
concepts.  So far- I'd say that Johny has earned more NB Cred from the ONE
PROJECT than most folks earn in years. Don't make him feel excluded for not
playing the Reindeer Games Drama that other folks seem  addicted to.

Folks- What in the name of Father Darwin is going ON here??  I "Get It"
about personalities not always meshing and I'm NOT asking you all for undue
things. - Just give the guy respect, as he's EARNED it.

We've got a person who is passionate in both tech and PEOPLE beaten into
almost quitting. And it's from YOU few losers - who know what you did... I
just fucking do not know why.

Helping the at-risk is TrulyExcellent conduct.  Making Ad Hominem slams of
the guy is UN-Excellent and SHAME on anyone disrespecting our REAL
Contributors.  If I ever find out who is defacing NB web presences-  I
shall be forced by THE PERP'S acts- to remind them of just where their
Karma is headed.  Reincarnation as a Fecal Greaseball may be above the
deserved placement for a web vandal.

Teal Deer:  NB owes several levels of debt to Johny Radio. The folks who
are disrespecting him need to re-evaluate their logic.
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