[Noisebridge-discuss] the dude with the guitar near the kitchen

Naomi Most pnaomi at gmail.com
Thu May 22 17:48:18 UTC 2014

Oh, apparently this guy is Sven Cavanaugh and he was at the last
meeting.  So apparently he just needs to be interacted with a bit and
encouraged to use headphones.

Sven Cavanaugh: first came here 3-4 years ago. Hasn't been back till a
week ago. Background in construction/building high-rises around CA.
Working on documentary portraying feral men/women of San Francisco.

On Thu, May 22, 2014 at 10:07 AM, Naomi Most <pnaomi at gmail.com> wrote:
> Bringing a little Community Working Group stuff to the attention of
> the mailing list:
> There's a new guy setting up a bit of an audio nest near the kitchen.
> He tends to turn up his music pretty loud, which has bothered some
> people.
> However no one seems to have taken the time to find out who he is.
> (Am I wrong about that?)  Not even a name.
> It would be helpful if several people would:
> * Trade names with him.  Ask him how he found Noisebridge.
> * Tell him that our One Rule is to Be Excellent To Each Other
> (something tells me he'll understand that)
> * Encourage him to use headphones -- explain that we're not a rock
> studio -- thin walls, classes, etc.
> * Tell him there are others at the space that do a lot of audio stuff.
>  If he seems interested in making connections, talk about the mailing
> list, Slack, coming to events.
> * Tell him about the wiki as a way to understand Noisebridge better.
> If he doesn't seem to want to do that, explain the most important
> things -- how it began, the types of people who are involved,
> Membership, This Is Not A Shelter, etc.
> * Stress the fact that NB is a shared community space, and it's free
> to use but it does require some social interaction.
> * MOST IMPORTANT: tell him that anyone can ask anyone to leave for any
> reason.  Not just Members, but *anyone*.  So it behooves everyone to
> be friendly and respectful.
> The above may not be accomplishable by just one person, which is I
> would encourage *anyone* who happens to run into him to do any part
> they feel up for at the time.
> If he looks like he's bored of hearing it, then we've done a good job.
> --Naomi
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