[Noisebridge-discuss] Looking for space to host an Android study group

Perry Chow perrychow at yahoo.com
Mon May 26 00:52:00 UTC 2014

Hello all,

I'm helping a group that is looking for space to conduct a study group on Android programming.  We will be a following a 2 month Android bootcamp program conducted by thecodepath.com which will be starting on June 5, meets on Tues and Thursdays from 7-10PM.  We'd like to get a room that can hold 30 people with their laptops, and have enough electrical outlets and wifi for all.

The program offered by thecodepath is free, but limited to only 20 students.  Because they have way more demand than room, this informal study group started during the last cycle that the class was offered.  Our study group was held at hackreactor in SF last time, but their space was limited, and we wanted to expand to allow more people to attend.

I looked at the noisebridge website and thought that the organization was nicely suited for what we're trying to accomplish.  I'm not sure if I can make it to this Tues' meeting, and will ask someone to come by, but we would like to see if the space is suitable, and ask for permission to use the space if possible.

Perry Chow
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