[Noisebridge-discuss] 5 Minutes of Fame Call for Speakers: Automation & The Internet of Things

John Shutt john.d.shutt at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 04:40:30 UTC 2014

Hey Noisebridge,

Five Minutes of Fame, Noisebridge's semi-famous semi-monthly series of
lightning talks, is returning on October 16th at 8pm. Our theme this month
is automation: We're putting computers in all of the things and connecting
those things to the Internet and riding our drone sprinklers and cybernetic
toasters into the world of tomorrow!

If you've built a Thing that connects to the Internet and you're interested
in giving a five-minute talk about your project, shoot me a line.

We had a great set of speakers at our biohacking night in September, and I
finally got around to posting their slides online
<https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Five_Minutes_of_Fame_2014_09_18>. Click the
link to learn about delicious extinct animals, DIY EEG machines, and how
and why to shock yourself with a nine-volt battery. Super fun night.

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