[Noisebridge-discuss] Pat Smith, accountant, to come 28-Oct

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 15 18:32:05 UTC 2014

Pat Smith is a non-profit accountant, and friend of Mitch.  She is coming to our Tuesday meeting 28-Oct.  We can talk to her and consider if we would like to pay her to be Treasurer of Noisebridge for awhile. 

Long version:

At last night's member meeting I brought up the possibility, considering how far behind we are on accounting, and considering that no one has stepped up enthusiastically to become Treasurer of Noisebridge -- to consider paying someone to head our Treasurer duties.  I brought up my friend Pat Smith as a possibility.  With the exception of helping me set up my books for Cornfield Electronics , she has worked only with non-profit orgs.  She is well versed in consensus orgs, and loves them.  She has been to Noisebridge, and likes us, and would like to help us. 

I was asked to invite her to the next Tuesday meeting.  I  just spoke with her. 

Pat has been mostly retired for awhile, and has a degenerative eye problem, so, if we would like her to help, she can only do so for awhile.  She can help us, though get our books in order, including our Membership roll, and help coordinate us to implement software that will automate the Treasurer's job as much as possible. 

After all this is set up, the Treaurer's job should be much more automated, and take way less time.  And it should be easier to fill the roll with an enthusiastic person in the Noisebridge community. 

Pat will be out of town next Tuesday, but will be coming to the following Tuesday Member Meeting, 28-Oct.

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