[Noisebridge-discuss] B.A.C.H. + next Citizen Kino episode + housing struggles

podinski pod at xlterrestrials.org
Wed Oct 15 20:09:23 UTC 2014

Hi NB peeps,

The B.A.C.H. weekend was inspiring, and great to see the whole OMNI
project picking up speed on serving the community on a bunch of levels.

During one of the last unconference sessions on "hacking housing" ( Jenni
from Sudo moderating ) i had a few insights... kind of basic, but really
resonating deeply with some of my research lately :

1. It's really great when hacker culture merges with social struggles that
deal with the most essential needs of the peeps.
2. The housing crisis is currently one of the most
severe and pressing problems in the Bay Area ( and many other metropolitan
areas )
3. Shelter is a human right and necessity for survival, and
to make a citizenry pay (excessively) for it, is part of a system of
oppression, colonialism and neo-liberal vulture capitalism.
4. We must devise a variety of alternatives !

Currently working on an article for the XLterrestrials site on those themes:

And i decided to start working on the next episode of our CiTiZEN KiNO,
which is an experimental new media platform for collectively analyzing
various social struggles and social crises, and figuring out how to
organize our communities around them.

CiTiZEN KiNO is cinema and social media hacking.

So we'll focus on a show on the lines of :

Will propose a possible presentation date w/ Noisebridge sooon !

For the shows in Berlin, we will often create a piratepad to allow for
public participation to collect resources, media bits, ideas, etc. and to
begin the discussion of how to make the program as tactical as possible.

So for anyone interested, here's the URL

( suggested alternatives to pirate pad are also very welcomed, as it's a
bit limited and primitive and hard to keep a good archive. )

so, before this gets way too long...
Meet ya at the brainstorming barricades !

And Thx everybody for all the great BACH experiences  !


P.s. Speaking of HOUSING, since i've extended the XLterrestrials/C-KiNO
tour for California and beyond, i'm URGENTLY hunting another SUBLET or
PLACE TO STAY in the Bay Area...
As the one i'm in currently ends THIS WEEK !

So If you know anyone who's got a cheap room to rent,
from now until the end of November ( or portion of that),
please get in touch. THX !

arts + praxis organisms

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