[Noisebridge-discuss] Ethical Social Engineering meeting for Project Root today from 8PM to 9PM

the_n0_hat at hushmail.com the_n0_hat at hushmail.com
Tue Oct 28 19:33:28 UTC 2014

This will be the 6th meeting of the E.S.E. for Project Root 

Class Schedule: 
Tuesdays from 8PM to 9PM 
on Thursdays we meet from 7PM to 8PM 

We  will be briefly covering last weeks material and then moving
forward by  diving deeper into the Mind O.S. model and talking about
it's possible  applications to enrich the Noisebridge culture and well
as the hacker  space culture itself.

If you care about being excellent and would  like to share and learn
what it means from a foundation rooted in  science, this group may be
of interest to you.
All that is required is that you be respectful, mindful, empathetic,
and honest during your time there.    
This  group is for anyone who feels they have a unique perspective to
share  (with respect to time) and has a passion for innovation, 
experimentation, and the design process.

No prior Academic knowledge is required.

Also,  we are seeking more female participation in the group so as not
to  suffer from any biases and blind spots during the design process,
your  insight is especially valuable.

thank you for reading 

all the best 

: ]

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