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Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Wed Oct 15 18:30:22 UTC 2014

Noisebridge has become extremely good at jumping through opportunities
for action without actually taking a moment to sit down and figure out
what's going on. For the love of Nick Farr, please read this whole
email, I am getting sick of repeating myself and am honestly unhappy
that I ended up opening my big mouth regarding doing this for the space.
This whole stage of discussion, group opinions and process is exactly
what I wanted to avoid doing this project.

I do not want Noisebridge's money before I order any of this stuff. I do
not need Noisebridge to order any of these items. I will take care of
that. Please do not send me money before hand. Please do not reach
consensus on an item involving money and other participants of the space
when they're stating to not send them money. This is all honestly

Here is the budget spreadsheet...


There are two sheets in that file, the tabs to switch are on the bottom.

The first sheet is an estimated list of gear needed for _each_
classroom, not for both. The total estimation of $929.50 is for _each_
classroom, double that for both.

The second sheet is an estimated list of gear needed for the Hackatorium
at $1551.50.

This whole list was compiled based off of guesses of what the space
needs and how much those things cost on September 17th. Time has passed
on, prices have changed. Additionally the projectors are best guesses as
to what will work well in the space. On top of that I'm sure I will be
buying thigns not listed in the budgeted spreadsheet, because shit happens.

Dear Noisebridge, I am considering the consensus item from last night
void since I'm the one who's going to be accepting the money, and I'm
just not going to, well, accept it. I am going to blow this money out of
my own pocket, buy these things and install them. Noisebridge at that
later point in time will get a list of what I bought and how much I
spent. At that later point in time Noisebridge can reimburse me for
however much of it you want, and the rest (however much that is) I will
consider it a donation from me to you.

Now please, no more discussion. I'm honestly getting a headache.

rubin at starset.net

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