[Noisebridge-discuss] Fwd: Meeting today: bring your clipper card - Seeding the access control file with members and users

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Tue Oct 28 19:22:50 UTC 2014

This is awesome, Henner :3

I'm focusing on reengineering my CNC key milling mount stuff before switching 
to work more on gpio-tty, but I assure you that it has not escaped my mind :)

(patches welcome!)

On Tuesday, October 28, 2014 11:05:35 AM Henner Zeller wrote:
> [ Version without pictures on NB discuss ]
> Hi,
> TL;DR: Gate RFID works; upstairs soon. Bring your 13.56Mhz RFID device
> today (older Clipper cards, some keyfobs) to be added to the initial
> seed of access file.
> The gate downstairs works with PIN-codes again (can use the old gate
> pin file) and also with RFID (with some RFID reader somewhat
> temporarily mounted in the pocket of the outside phone - I'll 3D print
> a nice cover for that).
> The upper door is prepared (outside RFID reader and electric strike),
> but couldn't be connected yet due to lack of serial lines on the RPi.
> I'll fix that with some USB2Serial converters (And yes, I do _not_ use
> #@*& FTDI). Then replace that with Torries' gpio-tty
> https://github.com/phrobo/gpiotty (nice, it can do RX now, I didn't know).
> I think I'll get upstairs running on the weekend.
> The work on the case for the access control machinery is coming along
> (right now, it is in a Tupper-box on the shelf, but Rubin has a nice
> metal case to put that in) - I'll mount that on the coming weekend.
> Software that manages the terminals has been work by Pavel, Casey and
> me and is taking shape. It can deal with reading the legacy gate pin
> door codes and can manage one or more RFID devices per person.
> There is a quick way to add new users for the day or as permanent
> visitors via a terminal inside the space with some LCD display -
> adding new users will be a breeze and much less involved than it was
> in the past; one building-block towards a welcoming community.
> Other things that used to be tedious can now be simplified, e.g.
> creating a temporary pin to hand out for people attending a class.
> The LCD terminal still needs some case (right now a bunch of wild
> wires) but I'll bring it today so that we can add some users.
> (There is a caveat: not all RFID readers are created equal - some seem
> to have trouble reading perfectly good cards - so don't be
> disappointed if your card doesn't work. I think I'll order a bunch of
> keyfobs.
> I got these readers cheap from eBay, maybe I need board design an RFID
> board to make these proper. Also probably adding support for 125kHz
> cards)
> -h
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