[Noisebridge-discuss] Meeting Notes for 9/23/2014

Matthew McKenna mpmckenna8 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 20:28:56 UTC 2014

General notes from the 327th Meeting of Noisebridge on Sep 23, 2014:

  -Concern about lack of participation from Treasurer and too much opacity around $.  
  -Discussion on things which could be automated and what can't.
  -New greeter hours and access policy.
  -Finishing off the reboot: trello board in the works and there’s a binder with stuff to be done

A few of the upcoming events which were announced:

   -27 Sept 1700 (5pm) Noisbridge against humanity
   -Oct 4 8pm - Noisbridge remix party
   -Nov 22nd Hacker Holliday: weekend before thanksgiving for fun stuff! Get involved all!

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Meeting notes:
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