[Noisebridge-discuss] SecureFlight and name changes

James Addison jay at jp-hosting.net
Sat Aug 1 00:26:31 UTC 2015

Hey NB,

Out of interest, has anyone had any experience dealing with name
changes relating to flights?

I have the frustrating situation that I booked a flight for a friend
under a name that I've known them by since I met them, but it turns
out that isn't the name they have on the generally-accepted forms of
ID (driver license, passport).

Since it's not a maiden name change, nor a legal name change, nor a
typo, I'm running into dead ends even after attempting to escalate
with the airline.  Unfortunately the only solution for now appears to
be to re-book.  But thought I'd ask just in case anyone has any
experience with this.

(fortunately this isn't international travel / camp-related, but it's
still not a trivial amount of monies to rebook)

I did find this lovely little snippet of authority-speak while reading
about the issue on the TSA's website:  "Over time, passengers should
strive to obtain consistency between the name on their ID and their
travel information."



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