[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge / from librarian conference to learning node to Cyberwizard at Sudoroom :: a journey

Romy Ilano romy at snowyla.com
Sun Aug 2 16:29:18 UTC 2015

So there was a noise bridge library conference a few weeks ago. One of the library and spoke about the resources that we are available at the library

She has suggested an online learning tool called treehouse that was free through the San Francisco public library

I started using it and I liked was brushing up on my node and JavaScript when I should have been doing other things but it was just so fun
I learned on the Chrome workstations at Noisebridge but also getting help from people at Sudoroom and studying there with my headphones and also hanging out the JavaScript meet up

So a company last night this library and conference at Northbridge and me putting off doing other things and trying to learn JavaScript to chill out with hanging out at the first night of Cyberwizard which is a free workshop learning how to code 

A lot of the topics covered out so it was really awesome and last night was help people and because I went to neus bridge. During the library conference I was able to hack out the small sample here that looks looks at the domestic violence incident in Oakland in the past 90 days by police precinct

I hope to use the sample later for tutorials to teach other people how to learn how to use node

I'll probably volunteer to do a workshop at the cyber was there to teach beginners and then maybe also uses in a workshop for the women who code east bay and sf groups 

So yeah that's how I learned how to do it a lot of it was because of noise Bridge and the fact that there was this randomness and I was able to talk to this library and he told me about these resources that were available the library and in between doing stuff in my every day life I was able to study at Noisenridge 

Thank you I hope I can pay back and put back into the community


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