[Noisebridge-discuss] Renewal Party Aug 15th - Pre-Party Cleanup 09:00 - 13:00

jarrod hicks hicksu at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 20:31:04 UTC 2015

Hello. you. all.

I will be opening Noisebridge at 09:00 this Saturday to clean it
before the party setup starts. From 09:00 to 13:00 I plan to clean as
much as possible in the space. Most of these tasks are pretty simple,
merely requiring some time and effort.

If you would like to help because you love Noisebridge, please come.
If you are motivated by sense of duty to Noisebridge, please come.

The current task list is:
Collect trash from tables and shelves and throw it out
Collect tools from tables and shelves and put them away
Collect loose project materials and organize/purge
Shelve loose books in space and piled on floor
Locate collected piles of stuff and organize them or throw in trash
Clear the tables
Wipe down the tables
Wipe down bathroom fixtures
Wipe down break room surfaces and purge
Dust/Clean windows at east and west
Sweep the space
Clean the elevator and elevator lobby (sweep/vacuum)
Move some of the trash cans to the utility room
Sweep the entry stairway
Wipe off dirty spots on walls/doors/cabinets

Bonus Tasks (depending on help):
Purge/Organize project shelves
Dust/Purge/Organize the entry display(s)
Purge space above lockers
Purge loose electronics/computers/printers donations in the space.

Bonus Bonus Tasks:
Knoll everything

Please also note that many of these tasks can be worked on throughout
the week before Saturday, if one is so inclined.


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