[Noisebridge-discuss] Is there an active library group?

Trent Robbins robbintt at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 08:29:55 UTC 2015

Yes, sorry for my totally glib and unhelpful answer. I've been on a roll
working all day and blew right by that one with exactly the information

There is currently a library-wg, which needs lots of new ideas and concepts
and people-power.

Currently I am trying to get lists of recommendations from
people, providing both general and topical recommendations for books we
should have, both technical nontechnical, nonfiction and fiction. There is
more information regarding these lists (including some early lists) on the
Dead Tree Library page.

Patrick is working on a barcode scanner which will send the raw barcodes of
books to a database, which will the be consumed by a TBD web framework,
probably flask. This will be used with an API for looking up meta
information from an ISBN.

Once we have enumerated the books that we -have-, the general plan is to
kick into high gear regarding the books we should have, probably
maintaining a donor requests list and removing books thar have waned in
relevance or accuracy.

One final possible piece may be some sort of checkout system, probably
escrow based, but the public library does perform that function quite well.

Any other ideas? It would be great to have more idea generators and
thing-doers in the library working group.


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