[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge's Dead Trees

jim jim at well.com
Tue Aug 11 15:32:11 UTC 2015

JS: my comments interspersed below

On 08/11/2015 06:26 AM, Torrie Fischer wrote:
> Hi, Noisebridge.
> I have a pile of Noisebridge on my desk.
> https://dl.pushbulletusercontent.com/q5KoC71ynK1lycjdmSV7EAvD3xgnbIuB/IMG_20150810_231613.jpg
> What can we do about these?
JS: get a fireproof storage box, put the papers in it, and
     put the box in a known, safe place not in the NB space.
     If you/we can afford it, make photocopies of some or
     all of it and store them in another fireproof box at
     some other location.
> I've been scanning lots of these into a git repository that gets backed up to
> Ratchet. Some of them are done, but many more remain.
JS: will it help if other people join you in this?
> In any case, I've kept all the dead tree copies around because I'm of the
> paranoid type who still isn't really sure what would happen if the paper
> originals were eaten and the keys to the repo were lost.
> Whats a good security approach to keeping such a repository around forever and
> with a very low chance of all this stuff getting leaked out to the 'net? Some
> of these things are Important Noisebridge Trees like bank documents, old
> leases, legal things, etc. Important in the sense that Noisebridge is a 501c3
> corporation and that'd be nice to keep around for a bit longer.
JS: publicly accessible storage facilities, physical or
     virtual, have risks (as do private and local storage).
     My rule is to maintain three copies in separate
> Any noisebridgers have a good suggestion? I'm looking at this and it seems
> like it'd be usable:
> https://github.com/StackExchange/blackbox
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