[Noisebridge-discuss] New Sewing Machine and Sewing Area Custodian

Kyle Ng ng.kyle at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 05:31:30 UTC 2015

Hi Noisebridge!

I am introducing a new user to the space: Ely of www.ruthworkssf.com He
makes classy traditional leather and canvas cycling goods and would like to
team up with me to maintain the sewing area. I specialize in synthetic
materials like nylon and modern technical patterns, so we compliment each
other well. Now we can work together to have a weekly sewing class starting
sometime in January!

Also, he is indefinitely loaning the space an awesome Juki walking foot to
replace the current Thompson walking foot of much lesser quality. He is
100% clear that NB is not liable for the machine but would still like to
share it with us since he has another primary machine at home. Yay!
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