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Theo Lane theohlane at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 02:56:30 UTC 2015

Hi Noisebridge;

I'm about to move into a much smaller apartment and need to free up space.
This is awesome/of any interest to you because I have a slew of devices,
and a small electronics lab worth of individual electronics components that
I'd like o donate to your awesome organization, all of which are in working
order. Included are~

Whole devices:

A Dell Latitude E6500 with multiple chargers, a docking station several
extended batteries and an additional bottom mount battery (Needs a new F10
A Lenovo T420 laptop with charger and a docking station (Needs a new alt
key, and battery,
(I can get individual specs on the machines but they are both at least a
Core 2 Duo with at least 4Gb of RAM)
A BOE (Board Of Education) robot kit, with the robot, book, and components
all included,
4 Dell projectors (3 matching 2400MPs, and one 3300MP),
A Slim Devices Squeezebox v3,
A Fit Bit Charge,
And a few odds and ends that are more interesting for their components.

Raw components:

Tonnes of LEDs (R, G, B, W, Infrared, multi color, blinking etc.),
Battery holders of various sizes and configurations,
Project boxes of various sizes,)
Rechargeable batteries,
Vibrating motors,
Micro switches,
A 12v battery,
EL wire,

I'd like to make a drop off this week before/by Thursday, and am happy to
separate items out if individual departments want specific sets of things.


(510) 813-1057
theohlane at gmail.com


(510) 813-1057
theohlane at gmail.com
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