[Noisebridge-discuss] networking hardware donation

Jesús F. Trujillo elyeyus at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 04:37:20 UTC 2015


I will introduce myself first. My name is Jesus and it's my first time here
at noisebridge. I came today because of the SDR meetup and as I heard you
may accept hardware donations I wanted to bring something with me.

I just got some discarded (old) network gear from SFCC that I would like to
donate. There was a bunch of junk there but I did my best to get some
interesting cisco stuff like some 2610 and 2621 routers (useful if someone
wants to do some practice upon CCNA certifications) as well as some RJ45
patch panels that are always useful.

If you're interested just drop a line. I'll be here at the space until 9:30.

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