[Noisebridge-discuss] ESP8266 - Group order! Sign up now!

aaronco36 aaronco36 at fastmail.fm
Thu Jan 29 17:09:07 UTC 2015

> Well, there sure seems to be plenty of interest! I've selected two
> reasonable options, both from the same store, and price-competitive
> within a few cents.
> 1: Plain board, $2.60 in lot of 10 - 2mm spacing
> 2: Board w/ 2.54mm breakout pins, protection resistors, power regulator,
> and battery pack: $4.50 in lot of 10
> All the gory details are at https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/ESP8266 -
> please add your name if you'd like to join in. I'm trying to batch up
> the order quickly, since I'm leaving SF in 60 days.
> Then we can have a group hack-a-thon and get these suckers talking Lua.
> --Casey

Q: How straightforward is it to attach (by coupling wires/adapters to
breakout pins, by soldering, etc.) a 10/100 Fast Ethernet component to
the ESP8266 board and then to easily enable (by Lua?) the combined
assemblage to function as a simple Ethernet-to-WiFi WAP ??


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