[Noisebridge-discuss] Arduino & hardware hacking workshop next weekend!

J.D. Zamfirescu zamfire at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 21:55:03 UTC 2015

Hello Noisebridge,

I wanted to let you know about Workshop Weekend: Arduino on February 7th &
8th. I'm helping organize and, along with other local arduino experts, will
be teaching basic programming, electronics, and prototyping skills.

Obviously most of you are already experts, but perhaps you might know
someone else who might be interested. Please pass this on.

There's a $50 discount code along with other information in the note below.

Hope to see you there!

Best wishes,


*Bring your ideas to life at Workshop Weekend: Arduino!*

Join us at Tech Liminal on February 7-8 to learn about *electronics,
programming, and prototyping*. Get your project ideas on the right track,
whether it's citizen science, home automation, kinetic art, musical
innovation, wearable tech, a product to sell, or something else entirely!

We'll spend the first few hours showing you the electronic ropes: voltage,
current, resistors, motors, LEDs, sensors, and the basics
of Arduino microcontroller programming. Then, for the next *10 hours over
two days, we'll help mentor you through our labs
your projects*.

Don't have your own project yet? Just want to learn? That's great too! We
have plenty of projects
can cut your teeth on, to prepare yourself for that brilliant idea still
percolating through your subconscious.

*Learn more and register online at http://workshopweekend.net/arduino

Use discount code NB7281 and get $50 off registration. (Discounted
registration is available for those with financial need -- please ask.)

I hope we'll see you in February!

J.D., Gil, Rolf, Smitha, Malcolm, Anca, Becca, Michael, and Andrew
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