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Bryan Reinero breinero at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 15:05:20 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

I realize "Office Hours" is a bit confusing name. It's just an opportunity for anyone who has questions about MongoDB to get some one on one time with an engineer. The name office hours comes from the idea of having scheduled times that college professors where in-office and available for students to ask questions. People come to these session with questions at all levels of experience. Sometimes we talk about application design, sometimes distributed systems, sometimes the NoSQL ecosystem. There's no agenda or sales pitch. Just a desire to help users with the database.

Personally, I really enjoy partcipating in these Q&A session since I love sharing knowledge and helping people understand technology. Plus, as knowledge sharing is a two way street, I learn new things from other engineers by working in this collaborative fashion. One of my favorite experiences was helping a neuroscientist white-board a data processing architecture for his research in Parkinson's Disease. 

I also believe in the powers of cross-polinated technology, and think having these Q&A sessions a Noisebridge would foster interesting connections. I am a DIYer myself, with an Arduino, Rasberry Pi and a CNC project in progress. You can get an idea of who I am from the projects in my blog, http://bryanreinero.com/ . The project I'm most proud of is here http://bryanreinero.com/camera-cranes/

MongoDB is an open source database, free to download here: https://www.mongodb.org/. We also provide free online courses for everyone https://university.mongodb.com/. I'm happy to come to the meeting on Tuesday, introduce myself and answer any questions.


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> I think it'd be really beneficial if this was discussed off-list
> Tuesday meeting? 
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