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Thu Mar 5 16:49:26 UTC 2015

We have been accepted to Maker Faire Bay Area 2015!
Their message is below.

If you are interested in being a part of the show, coordinating the show,
bringing or lending a project for display or presentation, or helping build
and decorate our booth, please contact me; Jarrod.

Details of the current Maker Faire project are here:
Also, tonight is a build night for the project.

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From: Maker Faire <makers at makerfaire.com>
Date: Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 10:08 PM
Subject: Application Accepted: Maker Faire Bay Area 2015: Noisebridge
[Project 50156]
To: hicksu at gmail.com


We are excited to inform you that your proposal for Maker Faire, *Noisebridge
[Project 50156]*, has been accepted. Congratulations, we are delighted to
have you participate in the 10th Annual Maker Faire Bay Area 2015.

Your support and involvement is important to the Maker community, and we
thank you in advance for bringing your project, enthusiasm, and Maker
spirit to the event. Maker Faire celebrates the best of human imagination
and creativity, and we expect that this Maker Faire will be no different.

We want to make sure that we help prepare you in advance for a great
experience. Please find key information below.

*1. Save the dates May 15, 16 & 17 for Maker Faire!*
Plan on setting up Thursday, May 14 and join us in the late afternoon for
networking, a Maker Mixer, and our traditional Maker Paella Dinner prepared
by Gerard. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet other makers and have some
fun before the event begins. You will receive an invite with details as we
get closer to the event.

*Please note that we are STARTING ONE DAY EARLIER this year. Plan to be
show ready on Friday, May 15 at 1pm.*

*Preliminary Maker Faire Schedule:*

   - Thursday, May 14: 10am - 8pm* - Setup Exhibit, Evening Maker Meetup,
   and Paella Dinner!
   - Friday, May 15: 7:30am - 12:30pm - Setup Exhibit
   - Friday, May 15: 1pm - 7pm - Maker Faire - *NEW SHOWTIME*
   - Saturday, May 16: 10am - 8pm - Maker Faire - SHOWTIME
   - Sunday, May 17: 10am - 6pm - Maker Faire - SHOWTIME
   - Sunday, May 17: 7pm - 9pm - Break Down
   - **Times for social activities on Thursday evening are subject to

*2. Begin to prepare your exhibit.*
Please think about ways to design your space to be educational,
interactive, and fun. If you have any questions about your exhibit or
changes to it, please reference the Maker Toolkit

*3. Keep an eye out for upcoming Maker Newsletters.*
In the coming weeks, we will email Maker Newsletters with important
information to guide you along. Prior to arriving onsite, we expect that
you have read the Maker Toolkit
<http://makerfaire.com/bay-area-2015/maker-toolkit/>, that you will abide
by the rules and regulations, and that we have agreed on the specifics of
your exhibit as detailed in the Confirmation Letter sent before the event.

*4. Submit additional information as needed.*
If your exhibit requires Safety Team or Fire Marshal approval (you know who
you are), please submit your Safety Plan by April 13. The Safety Plan forms
are located in the Maker Toolkit
<http://makerfaire.com/bay-area-2015/maker-toolkit/>. If you received this
letter after April 13, please submit your plan asap. Help us produce a fun
and safe environment for all.

*5. Spread the news that you’ve been accepted!*
We've created Maker Faire Bay Area graphics that you can use on your
website and email signatures to let people know about your appearance. We
appreciate any efforts on your part to promote Maker Faire to friends,
family, and coworkers. You will find these graphics here

Do you tweet? Consider tweeting this:
“I’ve been accepted to exhibit @MakerFaire Bay Area on May 16 & 17, 2015
http://makerfaire.com/. Come see me there!”

If you have friends who should be exhibiting cool projects at Maker Faire
Bay Area, tell them they can still apply. Late applications will be
reviewed based on available space. Send them here

Keep up with all the news on Maker Faire by following us on Facebook
<https://www.facebook.com/makerfaire>, Twitter
<https://twitter.com/makerfaire> and G+

Our goal is to make Maker Faire a truly unique, educational, and
extraordinary experience for everyone. Please know that we appreciate your
participation as it helps us achieve this goal.

See you at Maker Faire,
Sherry Huss & The Maker Faire Team

Maker Faire <http://makerfaire.com/>
Make: <http://makezine.com/>
Maker Media, Inc. <http://makermedia.com/>
1005 Gravenstein Hwy North
Sebastopol, CA 95472
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