[Noisebridge-discuss] Trainers needed: digital rights in libraries unconference

April Glaser april.glaser at riseup.net
Mon Mar 9 17:16:59 UTC 2015

Good morning y'all,

I am jazzed to announce that on June 29-30 the Library Freedom Project
is hosting a two-day unconfernce, right on on the heels of the ALA
annual conference in San Francisco. The best part: it's at Noisebridge!


We have all kinds of amazing folks confirmed to speak - groups like the
ACLU, Hack the Hood, the Internet Archive, EFF, journalists, and of
course, some incredible librarians from across the country working
towards projects of social justice and political change.

We need tech trainers to help work with participants to learn digital
privacy tools, the way surveillance works, as well as other technology
issues relevant to libraries. If you're interested in sharing your
skills, please email me off-list with the following information:

1. Are you available for an hour slot in the early afternoon (say,
12-3:30) or late afternoon (3:30-7) on Monday, 6/29 or Tuesday,  6/30?
We're getting started each day around 1, done by 7.

2. What technology skills or themes are you most familiar with and would
like to share with librarians to use locally?

Please list anything you'd be able to help with, for example: email
encryption, mobile security, getting a more trusted email address, VPNs,
migrating from proprietary software, xmpp and OTR, How does tracking
work?, Tor, anything else fun?

3. Have you conducted a tech training or skill share in the past that
you think would be useful for a librarian community?

Thanks a million.
All my best,


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