[Noisebridge-discuss] free embroidery machine

Jake jake at spaz.org
Mon Mar 23 19:20:01 UTC 2015

a while ago, i brought an embroidery machine to sudoroom, thinking it would be 
a lot of fun.  as is often the case, i was wrong and nobody ever took much 
interest in it.  It's still there but it's taking up too much space to 

it's a meistergram model M100 i think, and it looks like this

i spent a night tuning it up, unjamming mechanisms and oiling things. April 
bought a pack of new needles for it, and then somehow we ended up with 
literally hundreds of needles (the weird kind that this machine uses, slightly 
thinner shank than a standard sewing machine)

it works fine and comes with a couple of fonts.  you arrange the letters in the 
plate to spell the word or message, wrap the shirt or fabric around the hoop 
and attach it to the pantograph, and then use the pedal to run the machine 
while you use your hands to trace the peg in the stencil.

it could be used with 3d printed designs to embroider images, or manually cut 
stencils, or you can just use it freehand.  Oh and the knee pedal widens the 
stroke of the needle for that calligraphy effect.

you must provide transportation, like a pickup truck or cargo van, and it 
takes a few people to move it but there are people at sudoroom who can 
help.  It's now on wheels so once you get it there, it moves around easy.

if you want it, let me know.  otherwise i will advertise elsewhere like 


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