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Hi Juliette, 

I forwarded your email to our Noisebridge Discussion email list.  Hopefully someone will answer you from there and meet with you while you're in town. 


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Subject: FW: Opportunity to meet
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This came in on the "press" email list.  Anyone interested in meeting with them?   

From: juliette.somma at q-l.fr
Subject: Opportunity to meet
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2015 17:02:17 +0100
To: press at noisebridge.net

To whom it may concern, 

My name is Juliette Somma, I live and work in Paris (France), in a boutique consultancy called Quartier Libre. 
Quartier Libre was funded by 3 former consultants who used to work in a rather « traditional » consultancy company. They created Quartier Libre in order to advise managers of multinational companies about the big changes happening in today’s world and how to act responsibly as regards those changes. We like to provide decision-makers with clear insights into economic, society and aesthetic changes as well as environmental and technological challenges. We show our clients how the world is changing, instead of telling them what to do according to pie charts on slides. We believe confronting CEOs with environments or people they are unfamiliar with (artists, designers, entrepreneurs, architects, philosophers...) can help them think their business differently. 
Part of Quartier Libre’s core approach is to explore different countries. The team has already been to Detroit, in order to understand the fall and the rebirth of a city, to Songdo (South Korea’s « newest city ») to understand the future of cities, to Berlin, to grasp the entrepreneurship there, as well as to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Dubai, New-York…. and our next destination is the Bay! 
It would be highly interesting for us to meet with you, in order to understand who are the people hacking the most innovative city in the world, and visit Noisebridge. We would be happy to meet with you for a 45 minute meeting, any day between Monday May 4th and Thursday May 7th. 
Looking forward to hearing from you, 
Juliette Somma 
Here’s our website: http://www.choisirquartierlibre.com/index-en.php 		 	   		  
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