[Noisebridge-discuss] Follow up on request for someone to help us run a workshop

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Mon Mar 30 19:09:50 UTC 2015

Hi Gabe.

Your previous emails have caused a bit of a ruckus on both our IRC channel and on Slack in the last few hours. I think people are a little irked over not really knowing what your intentions are with your request and are getting mildly emotional over guesses to it. Also since it's the internet and many of these people are communicating over it, no one wants to actually poke you for clarification, and would much rather chew each other out over their opinions about it. Epic lulz, etc.

Noisebridge is a non-profit hackerspace, one of the things we provide as such is volunteer driven free to the general public classes over a multitude of subjects. Some key words one might notice in that previous sentence are...

- Non-profit: We're not here to make money, though we do appreciate (and desperately need) donations to pay rent.
- Volunteer driven: We do this because we like to do this, not because we have to or because we're paying paid to. Additionally we teach what we want to teach, how we want to teach it.
- Free to the general public: Are classes are always for free, always. One might want to pay for materials, and we might be pushy about donations, but the classes themselves are always for free.

A bunch of folks who can't get their shit together to actually reply to your post feel that your request comes off as wanting a very specific to happen, mirroring a similar class which happens to be for free. You also want this thing to happen for your paid employees, which is sort of limiting to the general public. And without really naming if you'd be willing to pay whoever teaching this thing for you, you're also ok to have this event happen at Noisebridge.

Some of us, myself included, feel that you simply misunderstood what we're about, have all the good intentions here, just want to throw together some fun team building workshop for your employees, and are looking to hire a fun hacker to run such a workshop for you.

Anyhow, just wanted to point out the invisible elephant in the room, so that I can go back to complaining about trivial things on IRC. Thanks for reading.

rubin at starset.net 

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