[Noisebridge-discuss] Open Tech vs Closed Tech debate?

Louis Huang louis.huang at aegia.nu
Thu May 21 05:39:44 UTC 2015

> A sense of being exploited, maybe?

Pent up emotions due to consumerism in the age of information?


> Your choice of words illuminates your intentions.  This is
> self-promotion at our expense.

Yes this is a promotion, I do not want to hide this part of my intent. 
But I do not see why it has to be at the expense of anyone. No one 
should be shamed, thats why the presenter can use a fake pseduonymn 
(hence anonymous discussion).


In a nutshell, you aspire to be Jerry
> Springer, with us as your "guests".

When Julian met Eric discussing web's relationship with society, neither 
side thought of it as Jerry Springer (although entertaining to read), 
but a way for us to understand our reality better.


> According to whom?  Don't you think your own opinion here might be 
> biased?

Well, unbiased to the dependence of time, since the most recent articles 
are shown first. I guess the curation is bias, because I wanted the 
sources to be legit. If you can PM me with suggestions on how to make it 
better let me know!


> "The two worlds"?  This is an overly simplistic and hopeless naive
> dichotomy.  Are you even aware of the split between "open source" and
> "free software"?[1]

Yes its an overly simplification, but discourse helps to understand the 
strengths and weakness of both.


> I hope my comments satisfy your appetite for vitriol, as I for one
> won't be participating.

Hope you well in any regards. I rather not get involved in the debate 
myself, but will try to be a good moderator as a bridge to be able to 
connect both sides perspectives.

> [1] Bro, do you even rift?

Nah bro, i dont rift. But i wish i could.

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