[Noisebridge-discuss] Pegasus' speaker unplugged again

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Sun May 24 03:19:14 UTC 2015

Welp, its happened. Someone unplugged Pegasus' speaker again. Also the cabinet 
was left unlocked.

This makes me sad. Someone went through the effort of circumventing the access 
control mechanism on the chibi rack. To me, this says that whoever did it 
doesn't really respect Noisebridge. Yeah, the lock is a simple wafer lock that 
is easily picked. You can probably even jimmie the door open.

But still, there is an obvious indication that you're not supposed to be 
poking around in there without asking around and getting consensual approval 
from The Noisebridge. My mind immediately assumes that someone has been 
sleeping in the space late at night and wants some peace and quiet.

"Torrie, if someone is sleeping, we should find where they're sleeping and put 
a camera on it to catch them!" -- Some random noisebridger (paraphrased)

Thats a technical solution to a social problem. Throwing more computers at the 
problem won't work. My dayjob is computering and I'm aiming for less of that. 
Plus, if we did catch someone sleeping at the space then we'd need to figure 
out how they got in and who let them in and all that less-than-fun emotional 
hard stuff. I mean, we're all making sure that the space is completely and 
totally empty of non-members when you leave for the night, right? Its 
impossible for a non-member we haven't already granted our complete trust 

PROTIP: If someone wants to mute pegasus for a long while, they can totally 
ask about getting a shell account and write a shell script that keeps pegasus 
muted. Or ask for the key. Cripes, just be excellent about it and make sure 
you don't add entropy to the system; plug the damn thing back in when you're 

"Torrie, you should write a sad email and call out the shitheads who are 
sleeping in the space!" --Another noisebridger (paraphrased)

I can guarantee that they're not reading noisebridge-discuss, because why 
would someone who doesn't give a shit about the space want to keep up with 
things, hmm? noisebridge-discuss is a good shibboleth in this respect; If they 
read discuss they probably do give a shit about the space.

What can we do about this? :(
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