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Romy romy at snowyla.com
Sat May 30 16:52:12 UTC 2015

Here's a noob kit for learning electronics & arduino. I didn't get that far as I wanted to .. But it was cool to go to Noisebridge 

There are so many expensive kits with ready made projects out there. And many stuff targeting "all women " feels more like its tailored for kids or involves teaching kids or being a mom 

It was cool to go to a coed environment and be humbled and speak to guys and girls way more advanced than me! Some stuff went over my head but it's good to be around folks who are continuously pushing you! 

Also got to learn more about the history of electronics I used. I'm very fortunate! I would be stuck making kits for elementary school kids if I are in another city. Instead I got to go nerd deep ! 

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