[Noisebridge-discuss] Moar Laser Cutter Infos

Zach R organicunity at hotmail.com
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OK so I took the laser cutter Main PCB home last night and did some work on it.  I believe I got it all fixed up now, with the proper +5v and +24v LEDs lighting up now - it should be working 100% ! :D




Now the only thing left (aside from me fixing some crappy wiring jobs, installing the tube, and replacing screws and fuses) is the CONTROLLER BOARD that handles Parallel > USB.  Here is a link to it again:


Has anyone received a response from the manufacturer about this?  Eric, could you ask Full Spectrum Laser for the price cost for just this board (I know they quoted $700 for both, but I have the larger one working now).  LMK.

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So I brought this up at the meeting tonight and then I did more research.  Found some more useful info.

model #: MLR-40

40w Full Spectrum Laser

Manufacturer website: http://en.jnmydy.com/

And here are the pictures I took:


Here is the controller board we are missing:



https://fslaser.com/Manuals/FSL_40w_Hobby_Laser_Manual.pdf   (manual)

There is a second hand one for $1500 we could raise money for.  That way we have this one for parts.  That's one option.

Im going to try emailing the manufacture to see what replacement costs would be.

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