[Noisebridge-discuss] Moar Laser Cutter Infos

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Today my Chinese friend Aqua talked on the phone with someone who works for the manufacturer of our laser cutter.  She asked about the cost of the replacement set of PCBs for our laser, including shipping to Noisebridge.  She said:
     "Can you confirm the model number you want?
     They said they don't have MLE-40.
Or picture can work also." 

So, can someone please take some (small sized) photos of the laser cutter, with identifying info?  Please send this here soon, and I'll forward to Aqua. 


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So, let's consolidate.  Someone please confirm total cost of the laser replacement board + let's add Mitch's costs into the total.  This has been a investment that needs to be resolved and usable. :)  Let's do-ocratically raise the money and  get it done.  Please add any additonal costs needed that aren't listed below.  I've updated the Laser Cutter Repair wiki page for donation info.
$237.37 - Replacement Tube
$400.00 - Laser Cutter Missing Hardware
?Additional costs, shipping, etc?
$637.37 - Current Total
More info here:https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Laser_Cutter_Repair_Page

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