[Noisebridge-discuss] crypto-wg meeting Thursday @ 7pm

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Mon Nov 30 05:11:08 UTC 2015

On Sun, Nov 29, 2015 at 07:09:16AM -0800, Patrick O'Doherty wrote:
> Come one come all to the crypto-wg meeting this Thursday, 7pm at
> Noisebridge.
> After the scheduling mishap with thanksgiving, I'm hoping that we can
> get these going every two weeks.
> What's the crypto-wg you say? A group of folks working through the
> cryptopal[0] exercises learning about practical attacks on real-world
> crypto. They're a series of 40+ challenges teaching practical crypto
> knowledge. No experience is neccesssary; the matasano folks mention that
> you only need a 9th grade handle on math!
> hope to see you all there :)
> happy hacking,

Some stuff here too:


Esp. math_rules_cyberspace and web_app_crypto.

Ptacek also has a neat video on some of this stuff which came out after
my web_app_crypto talk:

Please note that, in the credits, Nate Lawson is mentioned; he's local
and organizes BaySec.

If you like the topics, feel free to join the Bay Area Hacker's
Association mailing list:
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