[Noisebridge-discuss] Happy 7th birthday Noisebridge

Zach R organicunity at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 1 18:30:00 UTC 2015

lol@ the poetic pessimism!  hahah.

Im really happy about NB these days.  Its doing far better these past few months as this list can attest to with its 90% decrease in drama and flame wars.

The space actually feels like a "safe space" now and is even usually dubstep free!  Now there is this amazing thing on going all the time called hacking and people generally getting along and forming friendships.  I love it.  Feels like NB circa 2010.   lots of great classes lately, kickass 5mof with Danny hosting, stuff being organized (miloh, douglass, and others doing that with the parts bins corner!) great lockers, no mice, and the wonderful A/V setup thats still kicking that Rubin installed.  Even more ((useful)) hardware donations are coming in again :)

oh and I remember the old space !  in that creepy alleyway where everyone pees by the trash cans.  That was so not what I was expecting when I opened the door for the first time lols.


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Gather 'round the thermite fire children, and I will tell you a spectacular tale of self sustaining continuous failure, bigotry, and the little engine of a hacker community that could (because it was being held together by ductape, zipties, and tears).

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Woot! Rubin et al: I'm interested in a reflective conversation about Noisebridge over the years and a future big picture goals. So much daily doing sometimes the bigger picture is hard to capture. When and where to do this?

Andymc at apache

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Today marks the 7th year since we moved into our first physical space at 83c Wiese St, 2 blocks north of our current location at 2169 Mission St (which we've occupied for the last 6 years). Noisebridge itself started off as an idea/experiment/Viennies performance art piece/troll a little over 8 years ago.

Surprisingly enough the space still hasn't (literally) burned itself down yet. Here's to another year of hacking, and bull shit.

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