[Noisebridge-discuss] Is NB a good venue for the opening of "The Wrong"?

DC Spensley spensley at pacbell.net
Wed Oct 14 23:21:51 UTC 2015

Dear NB Gang, 

Thanks to everyone for making the WRONG feel at home at last night’s meeting! 
After introducing the idea of NoiseBridge becoming the San Francisco embassy for the WRONG New Digital Art Bienalle, a brief discussion revealed that the group supported the idea. (yay!) 

The next step was to check the event wiki:

After consulting the Wiki regarding schedules, it looks like 6-9 PM on November 1st is not inhabited by any other events and wide open to act as a gathering place for local artists exhibiting in the show as well as anyone in the public interested in gathering at an “opening” for the exhibition. 

So unless anyone has objections I will put this on the schedule and start promoting the event. 
(will use Facebook, and the main curators will also promote the SF Embassy)

Further steps include asking if any regulars at Noisebridge would like to assist with the event. 
As I said at the meeting, I will bring some beer and finger foods for opening night of the exhibition and do whatever cleanup is required after the event. 

Anybody want to help? (I will do all the heavy lifting)



Here’s a link to the curator, David Quiles Guillo PDF document that explains what the WRONG is: 

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