[Noisebridge-discuss] soldering copper sheet metal

Musti musti at wlan-si.net
Thu Oct 29 20:26:08 UTC 2015

Hi Jim,

depends on what you are trying to do, but maybe just use spot welding?

You might as well try Aluminum soldering flux, which enables to solder
it like a charm, if you ahve the right thin it will . This flux smells
really really bad.

Kind regards,

On 29.10.2015 21:18, jim wrote:
>     Nothing's working. I talked to two different
> experts, one a plumber the other a bike mechanic.
> both are surprised and both guess that the copper
> sheets (12" wide copper rolls I bought from R. H.
> Leahy in SF) must have a tiny amount of oil that's
> embedded a couple or atom's distance into the
> surface of the copper.
>     I've tried various fluxes, washed 'em with
> borax, lye, sodium carbonate (all high base), and
> with alcohol, paint thinner, acetone, and muriatic
> acid. I've scoured 'em with fine and with coarse
> sand paper, by hand and with an electric hand
> sander.
>     My heat sources have been a propane torch and
> also a 950 degree soldering iron. I've used tin-
> lead and also silver solder.
>     The result is that the solder burns and
> browns with what seems like little disks from
> popped bubbles and all solders bead up and roll
> off.
>     Somebodies know how to work with sheet copper
> to make rain gutters, art, etc.
>     I've looked into copper glues, and reviewers
> warn that some products are of poor quality, other
> products work but cannot withstand mechanical
> stress....
>     I'm gonna try adhesive copper tape, maybe
> double it up if I need the strength.
> On 10/25/2015 11:58 PM, Cere Mona Davis wrote:
>> There is a special kind of flux for solding to copper. . Seen it at
>> ace hardware.  Alternately, you can possibly try borax with a little
>> water.
>> On Oct 25, 2015 4:37 PM, "jim" <<mailto:jim at well.com>jim at well.com> wrote:
>>         I've soldered electronics and plumbing and
>>     am stuck trying to solder copper sheet metal.
>>     I've used a soldering iron and a propane torch.
>>     I've used alcohol, acetone, and paint thinner
>>     to clean the copper as well as fine and coarse
>>     sandpaper to clean the surfaces. I'm using
>>     electronic flux (haven't yet tried plumbing
>>     flux).
>>         The soldering is not working: solder does
>>     not flow or adhere to the copper, and there's
>>     a brown residue that appears after heating.
>>     Using a torch for forty or fifty seconds
>>     results in flame that does not immediately
>>     expire.
>>         Anybody got tips?
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