[Noisebridge-discuss] Hey. APL is hiring, know anyone? (fwd)

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Apr 20 21:11:48 UTC 2016

this company is in Berkeley and they make really cool stuff!  it's a lot 
of hands-on stuff and I wouldn't hesitate to apply if you think you can do 
the work, even if you don't have the "Qualifications"

If you want to go check out what they do and meet them, they're very nice:

ALL Power Labs holds Open House events – usually on the 2nd Friday of the 
month from 5-7pm. These are informal events, so you can show up any time 
during that period, ask us lots of questions, and then enjoy cold beer and 
hot pizza, baked in a biomass-powered electric oven running off one of our 
Power Pallets.

Families, friends, and dogs are welcome!

RSVP here: (pick the appropriate month from the pulldown menu)

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Im doing some hiring for APL and I just wanted to know if you would recommend anyone for the positions that we have open posted on our website:


It would be great if you could forward to folks that you think might be interested that might be a good fit.

Thanks so much!

Dr. Jay
Sr. Advisor
ALL Power Labs
jay at allpowerlabs.com | 540-798-2312 (PST)
Skype: JayAPL

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