[Noisebridge-discuss] Front End Development: Intro to authentication and views in React.js, Wednesday 27 of April, 7pm

alxd alxd at alxd.org
Thu Apr 21 03:42:29 UTC 2016


Since Front End Development classes led by Jeffrey are currently 
focusing on React I'd like to offer you a little more advanced insight 
into creating bigger apps in React.js, React-Router and Redux. The talk 
will cover:

Redux and APIs - how to properly set up an API reducer to update all 
your components asynchronously
Container Components - a way of implementing views (like Controllers in 
Router and Authentication - redirecting user to /login or /dashboard 
whenever necessary

It will take place in Church classroom at 7 pm, 27 of April. It will 
last about 30-40 minutes and I expect we would have about a quarter for 
questions. To enjoy the talk to the fullest you should at least complete 
React and Redux tutorials from their respective webpages (or Egghead.io 
which I recommend).

I will make the slides and code samples available (CC-BY / MIT) before 
the talk. You should be able to find them at 

About me:

My name is Pawel 'alxd' Chojnacki ( https://alxd.org/ ), a hacking 
community activist and Full-Stack / Front-End developer based mostly in 
Poland / Europe. I have been helping running Warsaw Hackerspace for some 
time, and now I'm traveling the world, trying to network and empower 
different creative Spaces in developed and developing countries. While 
doing that I freelance for awesome X-Team and Riot Games, dealing mainly 
with Node.js and React.

I will be in San Francisco / Oakland between 23 and 30 of April, and I 
hope to visit NoiseBridge a couple of times!

See you,


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