[Noisebridge-discuss] Spring Cleaning on 2016-05-07!.. Also Lockers Garbage Collection same day.

jarrod hicks hicksu at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 03:42:02 UTC 2016

Please come help with Spring Cleaning at Noisebridge on Saturday May 07!

We'll get the place nice and tidy so we can all have a great summer
hacking. The more who come the more we can do. There are plenty of
ways to help and your help is valuable.

Here is a list of tasks so far:


If you have something you have been putting off cleaning, organizing
at Noisebridge maybe this is the day to do it.


There will be a Lockers Garbage Collection, as well as other purging.

1. On May 07 there will be a Lockers Garbage Collection. Please update
the the "last modified" date on your lockers, before May 07.

Items left in abandoned lockers will typically be moved to the hack shelves.

2. There will also be a project shelf purge. If you have items on the
project shelves with tags greater than two months old, please update
your tags or remove your projects

Abandoned projects will typically be moved to the Hack shelves.

3. Projects and Scrap materials in the Shop and Sewing area will also
be purged to improve access to these areas and the better scrap

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