[Noisebridge-discuss] Event proposition: Authentication in React.js + Redux

alxd alxd at alxd.org
Wed Apr 20 02:20:58 UTC 2016


Would 7 pm on Wednesday 27th be okay? Is there any room with a projector 
available? If not, I could try hosting something with Slides.com / 
Reveal.js with websockets. I can see that the Turing Classroom is taken 
as well as Church room from 7:30 on.

I've never been to Noisebridge before and would be grateful for your 
guidance :)

Best regards,


On 2016-04-19 10:52, Jeffrey Faden wrote:
> Hi Pawel,
> You should feel free to set a time on Noisebridge's upcoming events
> list and announce the class via this list, the announce list, and the
> WebDev mailing list.
> Jeffrey
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> From: alxd <alxd at alxd.org>
> Sent: Monday, April 18, 2016 7:20 PM
> Subject: [Noisebridge-discuss] Event proposition: Authentication in
> React.js + Redux
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> Hello!
> My name is Pawel 'alxd' Chojnacki and I'm a hacker community activist
> and a front/full-stack developer usually based in Warsaw, Poland. I
> used
> to help running Warsaw Hackerspace, and now I'm traveling the world
> working remotely (X-Team and Riot Games) and helping local Spaces,
> especially members of http://globalinnovationgathering.com in Africa
> and
> the south hemisphere.
> I'm coming to San Francisco for a week between 23rd and 30th of April
> and I've noticed that the Front End classes taking place in
> Noisebridge
> are covering React.js in which I've been working for some time. I
> would
> love to share some of my knowledge and give a 30-45 or 60 minute talk
> on
> Authentication in React + Router + Redux.
> It would cover:
> Redux and APIs - how to properly set up an API reducer to update all
> your components when needed
> Container Components - a way of implementing views (or Controllers
> from
> Angular)
> Router and Authentication - redirecting user to /login or /dashboard
> whenever necessary
> For me these points were the most important when switching from
> Angular
> to React and at least in my opinion the official documentation doesn't
> cover several concepts - like container/views - well enough. With this
> knowledge you should be able to start using React not only for simple
> widgets, but also for whole applications with routing.
> I accept payment in Noisebridge stickers.
> What do you think about this idea? Would you help me organize such an
> event?
> alxd
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