[Noisebridge-discuss] Sewing and Crafting Fundraiser Tomorow! (4/5) 6:30 - 8:30PM

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Fri Apr 29 07:36:40 UTC 2016

Hey sewing hackers,

  Someone is giving away (possibly working) sewing machines!  I told them NB would want them...assuming this is still the case?  Anyone wanna help with pickup?  See below:


Hi there,

  First, just want to say thanks for posting this!  That's so generous.  Secondly, I'm a member of a DIY freely accessibly community hackerspace called Noisebridge in San Francisco (www.noisebridge.net<http://www.noisebridge.net>).  We provide free sewing, wood shop, circuit building, and a lot more to the community for no charge.  Anyone can walk in and use the equipment we have anytime during our open hours!  We have recently had folks reach out looking for a sewing machine and so naturally this post came to mind.  I could try to pick this up myself if you have the measurements and/or reach out to other members!  Let me know if that sounds like a good home for your machine(s).

Best wishes,

Zach Reed

I I am trying to clean out my house right now so I can leave for the summer, so I may be posting a few give aways here in the near future - here is the first:  I have been gifted 2 sewing machines over the past few years and somehow I still have them both - i picked out what looks to be the nicer one and I'd love to pass the other one (still quite nice) on to someone else.  I honestly can't remember if/when I've turned this other machine on ... it may or may not be working right. But thats why I'm offering it up to the loving care of someone who might have the magic touch.

Email me if/when you'd like to come pick it up. I probably don't have time to reply to lots of questions though (sorry!! busy times!) so if you just email the basics (when you can stop by) I'll be most likely to reply. <3

Heather Normandale

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UPDATE: please send online donations to https://donate.noisebridge.net/projects/sewing

On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 2:58 PM, Kyle Ng <ng.kyle at gmail.com<mailto:ng.kyle at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hello all, I will be hosting the bimonthly Sewing and Crafting Night again tomorrow. Come learn to sew for the first time, get project based help, or just come hang out and craft! More info in the link below

Through this event, I hope you will value the sewing area enough to donate money cause the space can really use it! The Artisan sewing machine that was there has just been reclaimed by the owner, so I am working to get NB their very own walking foot.

I have a Juki LU-563 lined up. This machine would be able to sew through thick leather up to 3/8". Wow! This is a heavy duty machine and I think the addition would alleviate the stress on the existing lightweight machines. It costs $1100 but I have been pledged a matching grant of $550 if we can raise the rest. WE JUST NEED $550.

If you cannot make it in person but would still like to donate, please PayPal to ng.kyle at gmail.com<mailto:ng.kyle at gmail.com>


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