[Noisebridge-discuss] Hello to everyone!!

Fernandez, Christian HispaGatos rek2 at hispagatos.org
Tue Aug 16 06:12:13 UTC 2016

Hello to all. I been trying to do this for 1 year already.. but never had the time.
now that all our engineering team got lead off 1 month a go I have finally time...
I am originally from Spain, been in the US for a long time, moved to SF last year, but I been here before..

So I apologice for my broken English.

So I spoke with Mitch over email and I commnented to him that I wanted to hold our
defcon 415 meetups in noisebridge, I think is the most apropiate space for what our vibe and sentiment resides in, he told me to just edit the wiki and announce it here on the discuss list and if possible to pass by a Tuesday to the general meeting( I am planning to go by tomorrow if time permits, I have to meet with a client in the afternoon)
so yeah we are planning in meeting every 2 weeks, 2nd and 4th Saturday at 6pm,
we are 4 people sure to come, the rest we have no idea, prob not more than 10.

I already edited the wiki, also there was already a dc415 page from long time a go 3-4 years, a couple months a go I updated it.. is at https://noisebridge.net/wiki/DC415
If you want to know more about me.. there should be a bunch of links in my signature
and a user page in the wiki by rek2.

I meet Alex Peake last year.. I was ( an still interested) in at some point doing a pentesting/hacking class for newcomers to computer hacking, but I still not in the position to dedicate to it since this is a long term thing, so going to start focusing in dc415 for now..
and see how that goes.

En la lucha.

Fernandez, Christian aka ReK2 ReK2WiLdS BBK
cfernandez at linux.com
cfernandez at members.fsf.org
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