[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge should install a Solar System on the roof

Kevin Schiesser bfb at riseup.net
Tue Dec 6 03:07:21 UTC 2016

Hi Jake,

I agree and would like to help. My interest is in learning about the 
permitting process and installation.

I have wondered for a while if it makes sense to fix a few motors to the 
mounting rack that tilt the panels such that they are as orthogonal as 
possible to the sun throughout the day/year. Would a motor control 
system would consume more energy than would be gained by optimizing the 
panel efficiency?


On 12/4/16 7:44 PM, Jake wrote:
> yeah but why wouldn't noisebridge install solar panels?  it would be 
> so easy on
> the flat roof.
> i think the first step would be to talk with the landlords and get 
> permission
> to apply for a permit, then the next step would be to draw up a 
> specific design
> for the system (including equipment choices and disconnect boxes and 
> inverter
> and racking) and then actually apply for the permit...
> the rest is hardware and we're already good at that.
> On Sun, 4 Dec 2016, Josh Juran wrote:
>> On Dec 4, 2016, at 8:38 PM, Jake <jake at spaz.org> wrote:
>>> I believe that the only reliable way to save the world from climate 
>>> change is
>>> to definitively show that solar power (and other renewables) are 
>>> cheaper, and
>>> since labor is 66% of solar installation costs it seems that 
>>> training ourselves
>>> and others (and making good online documentation) is the most 
>>> reasonable way to
>>> do that.
>> This is a useful output even if, in the end, Noisebridge doesn't 
>> install solar panels.
>> Josh
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