[Noisebridge-discuss] Fund to recover stolen art supplies

Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 2 19:42:49 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone, 

Mike painted our Tesla mural.  Who would like to donate to a fund for Mike's art supplies that were stolen from Noisebridge?  Please contribute what you can to my PayPal (maltman23 at hotmail.com) or give me cash, and I'll transfer it to Mike's PayPal. 


Over the past couple weeks there have been a few thefts at Noisebridge.  Please let's look out for each other in the space.  If someone seems sketchy, please politely talk with them, or ask someone else to politely talk with them. 

Theft in our space sucks! 

One of the theft casualties was $200 of Mike's art supplies.  He's the awesome starving artist who did our beautiful Tesla Mural.  This totally sucks!  I just talked with Mike, and he's understandably upset.  

He's given of himself for our space, and asked nothing in return.  Losing $200 of his stuff for his livelihood is a huge hit on him.  

I told him I'd raise a collection for him. 

I'd like to raise a min of $200 to give to Mike.  It won't replace the stolen things, but, at least he'll be able to buy new supplies so he can keep doing his art. 

If you can afford a few dollars (or more) to contribute for Mike in the next couple of days, please send it to my PayPal (maltman23 at hotmail.com) or give me cash, and I'll get it to Mike. 

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