[Noisebridge-discuss] Large scanner desired

Chris Murphy chrisnoisebridge at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 05:32:13 UTC 2016

I am looking for an individual, business, or institution that is willing to allow me to scan a single 16x20" print on a large flatbed scanner. Scanners like this are quite rare and I haven't been able to locate one yet. The alternative is to use a copy stand, but I think I will get superior results with a large flatbed scanner. 

Please contact me if you know of a scanner of this size in the city. SFAI, Rayko, and the Academy of Art do not have one. I'm thinking that an engineering, architecture, or prepress firm may have one. 

The media is a 1940s era black and white photograph that cannot be bent and the associated negative is long gone.

Thank you!

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